Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Confessions of a Facebook Witch

Facebook is one of my favorite magical tools.

It is an amazing tool for divination -- I know people of all kinds scattered across a continent or two, and I can see what is showing up along each thread of my connections, and also pick up on things that are showing up at really disparate parts of my web.   This gives me a way to feel what is moving through the world and discern its patterns.

Sometimes, reading those patterns, it is possible to make just the slightest tonal shift in the song being sung by this part of the human world to change the music entirely.   Words, images, songs have this capacity.   Viral in the sense that we would mean if we embraced the necessity of the viral elements of our own microbiomes.    The nature of the movement of the changes across the web predicted by complexity theory and chaos mathematics.

Facebook is in so many ways a simulacrum of the internet itself, which in turn is a simulacrum of a mycelial network, which mirrors a neural network.  The internet itself emerged when neurodivergent people who had been given access to consciousness altering mushrooms and synthetic ergot derivatives were given access to enough silicon, enough electricity, and some new kinds of conductors.   Right now much of the mycelium is still living under laboratory conditions, feeding off information poor simple sugars, but as we bring our wild selves into contact with the technology, it can be fed the rich nutrients of the forest floor (because some of us have forests inside us, and our very exhalations can be like falling leaves) which will allow it to blossom forth the most amazing fruiting bodies from the transformation of the nutrients.

Karina taught me that "a witch works with all things."   This web is one I tend.


from Cerridwen's Couldron said...

Digging deep in these moments, arising with gathered whisps of energy transformed into organized breath of wisdom, witty insights, stunned silence, laughter of commonality, shared dreams, uncomfortable truths, a portrait of a moment, driven and enlivened speech into a cozy comfortable silence. much love

Rain-in-the-Face said...


Rain-in-the-Face said...

Whoopsy daisy! Almost forgot.....

fritallaria meleagris (guinea-hen flower)
Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK

Tayyebi Herbal HealthCare said...

Love your work, scenarios and ramblings! Keep up the excitement!

Amber Shehan said...

Yes, yes indeed. Tug here, like a spider leg gauging the tensile strength....a tug there, testing the pull and tides of the energetic strings.