Saturday, June 6, 2009

Will Write or Wildcraft for Food

Actually, I have food and shelter through October thanks to some very generous friends . . . .

But I am in need of some work to earn money . . .

Over the years many of you have been very generous in sponsoring my travels to Latin America to report on people's resistance to this empire.

My journey now is taking me to a different kind of exploration and a different frontier of resistance -- helping people to change their relationships to their bodies, their hearts, and the living world around them through work with our oldest ancestors, the plants.

So, I am working to build a practice, working with clients one on one, and writing and speaking about plant medicine. But it takes time for a practice to grow.

So in the meantime, I am asking for your help in finding work that will allow me to pay for medicine and books and travel and my continuing education as I grow as an herbalist.

I am looking for people to help me find:
  • People and organizations who need someone to do writing or editing work on a contract basis -- including grant writing.
  • Herbalists willing to pay or trade for wildcrafted herbs from the forests and fields of Maine.
  • Herbal clients in the Boston or Lawrence, MA areas or central or western Maine (or in southern Maine or the NH seacoast area within a half hour drive from route 95.)
  • Businesses, schools, and organizations willing to host talks about herbal medicine.
  • Donors willing to support popular education about herbal medicine.
I am also open to other kinds of part time contract work that I can do from rural Maine or on a short trip somewhere in New England.

Thank you for all your support in all its forms.

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